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The San Tan Ford

4.5 million people in Maricopa County, over 200 new car dealers, 14 of those Ford stores. San Tan Ford had been growing sales and cash flow year after year at an impressive clip. Inside the building, it was loaded with great employee’s and a positive work environment. You get the picture. Our challenge was made reasonably clear: Take the dealership from #4 in the market to #1. So, we embarked on a better and different way to win the Ford battle.

Brand Redesign

VIZTEK built a contemporary new look, position and a new sound for San Tan Ford. The brand redesign for San Tan Ford was about marketing new vehicles. Brand vitality to drive growth in an over-stored and over-communicated market.

Broadcast Campaign

Cinema quality 3D animation combined with buttery 6K and 8K video cinematography, pushed San Tan Ford into the Tier 1 club. It was and still is the talk of the town.

Google & Bing Ads

VIZTEK's oversaw a nearly $250,000 yearly PPC budget. And with continual optimization, San Tan Ford's paid search campaigns achieved market-leading conversion rates.

Custom Creative

Who made the rule that local automotive advertising design has to suck? Only a “national” look would meet the high expectations of San Tan Ford. Digital banners, social media content, print, and more was built for San Tan Ford. All unique and all theirs.

The Advertising Solutions

Paid Search
Paid search has you up at night? Tired of the automotive search “experts”? It’s aggravating and flat-out expensive.
Social Media Management
It gonna feel awesome to have confidence that your Social presence and campaigns are in the correct hands.
Budget Planning & Strategy
Granular to macro, managing your money likes it’s our money is core to our value systems.
Analytics & ROI Reporting
We make common sense out of performance metrics.
It’s just the largest part of your budget! We treat it that way.
You’ll never have to manage coop again. Nor will you leave on the table any free OEM money.

The TV Campaigns

The Radio Campaigns

The Behind The Scenes

The Digital Campaigns

The Social Media Photography

The Print Campaigns

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